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DearParents,                                                                                September 2015

          I want to take a moment and explain our classroom management routine. In the classroom, there is a behavior chart similar to the one you see below. All students begin the day “ready to learn” and their clip will be on green. Throughout the day, there may be times where the children will need to reflect and evaluate their actions. These reflections may reveal that clips should be moved. Notice that there is room for improved actions as well as having the chart serve as a reminder to make better choices.


          Each student’s clip may be moved up or down as they reflect on actions throughout the day. In addition, your child and/or I will also communicate the Learner Profile Trait he/she modeled most strongly throughout the day in your child’s daily folder. Your child can also talk with you about his/her day. Our daily folders will be a wonderful way to communicate between home and school. This behavior learning tool fits right in with the IB PYP Learner Profile traits and attitudes that Lincoln will be teaching, modeling and practicing every day. 


            Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have questions or concerns.

Together, we will make this year terrific!