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Jodie Paster

Spelling List 1  Short a and i words

bag ran
win if
is dig
am sat
his was
has I

Challenge words:  scratch, picnic

I am big.

Dan has his hat on.

She has a red bag.

Pam ran fast.


Spelling List 2     Short e, o, and u words

fox went
wet mop
nut hug
job from
leg any
fun of

Challenge words:  block, every

Did the man get wet?

That fox runs fast.

She has a cut on her leg.

My job is to mop.


Spelling List 3    Writer's Workshop Words

the will
it have
as my
was you
they said
off any

Do you have any nuts?

Was the fan off?

My mom said to go to bed.

They will play with us.

Spelling Lesson 4  Long vowel silent e words

bite late
size made
side ate
fine same
hide line
gave have

Challenge words:  shake, write

Did the bug bite her?

The bus is late.

What size is the cap?

Sit on this side.

They got in line.

Spelling List 5    Review

am hide
made his
nut dig
job size
fox sat
fun late
hug wet
mop went
leg bite
ran ate

Spelling List 6     Long vowel silent e words

bone robe
use these
rope note
cute close
hope those

Challenge words:  drove, mule

We hope to see you.

I have one hat.

I fell and broke a bone.

Did you use the brush?

She will tie the rope.

Spelling List 7    Writer's Workshop Words

on am
come if
does goes
from his
wernt her
their there

Their dog ran from them.

Does his name fit him?

I want to come home.

I am on the mat.

Spelling Lesson 8     Consonant blends

trip swim
step nest
club stone
next brave
glad lost

Challenge words:   space, storm

I took a trip to the lake.

Is the bird in its nest?

Is she next in line?

She knows how to swim.

Spelling Lesson 9    Double Consonants

bell off
all mess
add hill
well egg
will grass

Challenge words:  across, skill

Who will ring the bell?

Take that hat off.

Did you sleep well?

Will you clean up this mess?


Spelling Lesson 10    Review

lost these
glad grass
hope cute
trip swim
off bone