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Here are the 3rd grade "MUST KNOW" words..

               Please practice reading and writing these words throughout the school year! Your child will be expected to correctly spell these words by the end of the school year.

3rd Grade Must-Know SPELLING List


Cousin                  favorite                   your                       you’re                   always                  aunt                                      

Uncle                    begin                     birthday                  might                    catch                    brother

Know                    laugh                     easy                       mother                  father                    please

Need                     maybe                   high                       feel                        knew                     new

They’re                  ready                    busy                      piece                     peace                    wait

Hurry                     each                      happy                   little                       live                         such

Picture                  children                  under                    same                     watch                    third

Tried                      night                      great                     true                       teacher                dollar

Without                 other