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Strategic Plan

Adrian Public Schools - Strategic Plan


217 District Goals

Create a robust assessment system that informs instructional programming decisions.

Create and adopt assessment policies and processes that ensure fidelity of implementation.

Create timelines and procedures for curriculum implementation and revision.

Establish procedures for regular review of curricular effectiveness and its alignment to the district’s vision and mission.

Strengthen processes and strategies for improved purposeful and positive school community communications in realization of the district vision and mission.

Develop strategies for improved collaboration with the community to improve student learning consistent with the district vision and mission.

Develop processes for budget development that is strongly tied to district strategic priorities and goals.

Create an effort-based environment instead of an aptitude-based environment (i.e., effort = nurturing = level of success vs. aptitude = success)

Vision Statement
Adrian Public Schools is a district where students, parents, educators and our community collaborate in providing a dynamic, relevant, and rigorous global curriculum in a safe environment that fosters imagination, problem-solving, and innovation to create a better world…one child at a time.

Mission Statement
The mission of Adrian Public Schools is to provide, in partnership with parents and our community, quality educational opportunities that challenge students to excel academically and socially to become contributing citizens.

Strategic Directions

Feedback and Assessment:  The district will effectively use the results from system-designed and/or adopted assessments to adjust, improve or terminate ineffective practices and/or programs.
Curriculum and Learning:  The district will establish processes to provide direction and oversight for the design, delivery and evaluation of the curriculum.
School Community Relations:  The school staff will consistently pursue purposeful, active, positive relationships with families of its students and with the community in which it operates to support student learning while communicating with all stakeholders.
Productivity and Resource Use:  Cost benefit analysis will lead budget development to support alignment with strategic priorities, student academic goals and the maintenance of facilities while also working to develop a strategy for financial sustainability to protect the losses while looking into future years and operating within a sustainable cost structure.

Internal Culture:  The district will develop a safe and supportive learning environment where all students experience a sense of belonging that equates to every individual student feeling embraced, engaged, and an integral part of a family-based school culture.

Superintendent Work Plan

In Process