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SECTION G:    Personnel

Section G of the EPS/NSBA policy classification system provides a repository for personnel policies.  This section has three main subdivisions:  subsection GB presents policy topics that pertain to all employees; subsection GC is for policies that pertain to professional personnel who must hold certification by the state to serve in their positions; subsection GD is for policies pertaining to support, or non-certificated, personnel.

Section G: Personnel Table of Contents

GBA Equal Opportunity
GBAA Nondiscrimination
GBC Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 “HIPAA”
GBC-R Administrative Procedures/HIPAA
GBCA Emergency Anaphylaxis
GBCB Anti- Harassment
GBCB-R Administrative Procedures/Anti- Harassment
GBCC Child Abuse Reporting
GBCC-R  Administrative Procedures/Child Abuse Reporting
GBEA OSHA – Bloodborne Pathogens Standard
GBEA-R Administrative Procedures/OSHA – Bloodborne Pathogens
GBEB Drug-Free Workplace
GBEB-R Administrative Procedures/Drug-Free Workplace
GBEBA Dress Code Policy
GBEC Americans with Disabilities Act
GBEC-R Administrative Procedure/ADA Complaints
GBED ADA Reasonable Accommodation Policy
GBEE Social Security Number Policy
GBEE-R Administrative Procedures/Social Security Number Policy
GBG Anti-Bullying Policy
GBGD Workers’ Compensation
GBGD-R Administrative Procedures/Workers’ Compensation
GBK Tobacco Free Schools
GBK-R Administrative Procedures/Tobacco Free Schools
GBN  Alcohol Use on School Property
GBQ Website Use
GBQ-R Website Use – Administrative Procedures
GCBD Family and Medical Leave Rights
GCBD-R Administrative Procedures – Family & Medical Leave Rights
GCBE Pre-employment Physical Examination
GCD Staff Hiring
GCJ Work Calendar
GCPA Teacher Placement
GCPB Administrative Placement
GCPD Acceptance of Employee Resignation
GCQ Technology Use Policy
GCQ-R Employee Network Access Regulations
GCQA Teacher Reduction and Recall
GCQB Administrative Reduction and Recall
GCQE Resolving Public Complaints
GCQF Teacher Discipline
GDQ Drug and Alcohol Testing Policy
GDQ-R Administrative Regulations/Drug and Alcohol Testing Policy