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Dear Seventh Grader and Parents/Guardians,


I am looking forward to a fantastic year in seventh grade! To help you prepare for the year, I am sending this letter to help explain information on my grading system and class expectations. Please be sure to read the letter completely, and then sign and send the return portion to me by Friday, September 9, 2016 in order for your student to receive five extra credit points upon its return.


Our Social Studies class grading policy is based on a point system and will be broken down as follows:
 Quizzes  = 50 points
 Tests  = 100 points
 Projects  = 100 points
 Class work/Homework = value of the assignment, unless otherwise stated


All assignments are due at the beginning of each class period unless otherwise stated. In case of absences, you will be given one day for each missed day to make up your work unless other arrangements have been made with the teacher; prearranged absences will be addressed as necessary. Students are responsible for checking the “Daily Work Crate” and/or checking with other students about missed work and/or notes. Work that is not made up will automatically become a “No Credit,” which is a zero. A zero is a lower grade than if you had completed the assignment and failed it.


Students will have Social Studies homework on an irregular basis. Work that is not completed in class will often be regarded as homework and will be due the following day. Because we use mostly resource and research materials in our studies, we don’t use a textbook. The reference books we use may not be signed out to students, as we have only one class set of books in the classroom; work is usually accessible on my web page.


Students are to leave the following items OUTSIDE of the classroom: sharpies, candy, food, water, drinks, backpacks, purse, bags of any kind, ALL electronics.


Weekly assignments are posted on my web page, accessed through the district website (theadrianmaples.com), with any text used in class for additional study or absence work. All assignments posted are expected to be completed in class unless otherwise stated.


Please feel free to contact me with questions or concerns you might have, and I will get back with you as soon as I am able. I may be reached by e-mail at dholmes@adrian.k12.mi.us (this is the most accessible way of contact). I am looking forward to a wonderful year of learning and growing together.



Mrs. Holmes


~~Work Submission

  •  All work is due the date assigned unless otherwise stated.


  • Any work due to absence must be made up as per the policy given at the start of the year:  “In case of absences, you will be given one day for each missed day to make up your work.” It is your responsibility to make up any missed work. Work done in class and/or homework may be found in the Daily Work Crate; Daily Data must be copied from a neighbor.


  • No late work will be accepted one week after the due date; these assignments will lose credit based on their “lateness.” This means that an assignment that was due on a Friday must be submitted by the following Thursday to be accepted for any late credit. This time is not additional to the one day per absence make-up allotment.


  • Work for which answers are given in class may not be submitted as late work.


Please show your responsibility and your level of accountability as you do the very best of which you are capable. 

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