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Jodie Paster

IB Learner Profile Traits and Attitudes

Welcome to Lincoln! At the heart of the IB Primary Years Programme are the 10 Learner Profile Traits. In addition to the Learner Profile Traits, we will strive to model the 12 Attitudes of the IB Primary Years Program. These traits and attitudes will be talked about, recognized in ourselves and each other, and they will also be celebrated together. Here is a list of the traits and attitudes and what they will begin to mean to your child in day to day interactions at home and at school.


IB Primary Years Programme- 10 Learner Profile Traits

  1. Caring: I am respectful and kind.
  2. Communicator:  I share my ideas and feelings.
  3. Balanced:  I take care of my mind and body.
  4. Inquirer:  I ask thoughtful questions. 
  5. Knowledgeable:  I use what I know to learn new things.                                                                    
  6. Open-Minded:  I listen respectfully and learn from what others have to say.
  7. Principled:  I am responsible and honest.
  8. Reflective: I think about and learn from my mistakes and successes.
  9. Courageous:  I'm willing to try new things and believe in myself.
  10. Global Thinker:  I use my brain to solve problems.


IB Primary Years Programme- 12 Attitudes

  1. Appreciation: I give thanks!
  2. Commitment: I keep trying!
  3. Confident: I know I can!
  4. Cooperation: I work well with others!
  5. Creativity: I use my imagination!
  6. Curiosity: I wonder!
  7. Empathy: I know how you feel
  8. Enthusiasm: I am eager to learn!
  9. Independence: I can do it by myself!
  10. Integrity: I do the right thing!
  11. Respect: I value myself and others!
  12. Tolerance: I accept others!