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Our Classroom Learning Behavior

Dear Families,

            This year we will be using a colored “clip chart” to monitor our learning behavior.  Your child will move his/her clip/magnet up or down the chart depending on his/her choices.

            Please keep in mind that your child may not move every single day. For them to move up, they must go above and beyond in their behavior choices! The chart below explains how the chart works.


I’m exceptionally principled.





I’m extremely responsible.







I’m very cooperative.







I’m balanced.








I need to reflect.







I need to make a change.






I need a new perspective.



If students move to pink, you are demonstrating top notch work with pride and being a role model for your peers. This level is reserved for extraordinary behavior.







If students move to purple, you are showing that you are responsible as you complete all your work and being a role model for your peers.






If students move to blue, you are trying your best, making good choices and showing great character.





All students begin the day on green, you will move up or down during the day depending on the choices you make. This is an acceptable level to stay.






If a student moves to yellow, you will receive a reminder to follow our classroom essential agreements.






If a student moves to orange, the teacher will choose an appropriate consequence. Consequence could include the following: loss of recess time, time away in another classroom, loss of privileges, phone call, note home in folder, or any other logical consequence that is meaningful to the student.






If a Student moves to red, you will have time to think and reflect on your actions and talk with Mrs. Roberts. I will also contact home via phone, email, face to face or a note in the students folder.



I believe this will be a positive way for students to monitor their learning behavior and give them goals to strive for.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.


As always, thank you for sharing your child with me!


~Jill Roberts