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Jodie Paster

Spelling Lesson 10    Review

lost these
glad grass
hope cute
trip swim
off bone
egg next
stone mess
brave use
add club
all hill

Spelling Lesson 11        th, wh, ch,and sh words

when sheep
both then
chase teeth
teach dish
which than
wash catch

Challenge words:  lunch, whistle

You know when to clap.

You can both play the game.

Did he chase the cat?

He is older than I am.

Will you wash the cup?

Spelling Lesson 12     Writer's Workshop

write of
do to
time went
myself what
name too
little been

What other games do you play?

I am glad to meet you.

Tell me what you like to do.

I will play, too!

It has been a good day.

Spelling Lesson 13  More long a words

train tray
mail play
trail pay
sail hay
nail rain
they great

Challenge words:  snail, subway

He rode on the train.

I will sail on the lake.

Will it rain all day?

Did they buy a car?

The game was great!

  Spelling Lesson 14    vowels sounds as in cow

town house
sour frown
cow clown
found how
mouse brown
could should

Challenge words:  around, towel

I ate more than I should.

You found my kite!

Can I have a brown bag?

I live in a small town.

Our cow gives us milk.

Spelling Lesson 15    long e words

clean keep
please feel
we be
eat tree
mean read
the people

Challenge words:  stream, steep

Will you please stay?

Many people have pets.

I love to read!

Do you feel better now?

A nest is in that tree.

Spelling Review List

tray when
teeth than
eat be
sheep play
frown sail
chase teach
please train
wash which
found we
tree mouse

Spelling Lesson 16    ar words

car smart
arm park
yard part
barn hard
party farm
are warm

Challenge words:  department, carpet

Our car had a flat tire.

We play ball in the park.

A leaf is part of a tree.

They are sleeping at the party.

That smart cow is in the barn.

Spelling Lesson 17    Writer's Workshop

done one
two back
some your
I'll around
found once
girl late

Have you done any fishing?

Ken sat in the back of the boat.

OnceI Icaught a huge fish.

Which girl told the story?

Look around the room for more.

Spelling Lesson 18   nd, ng, nk endings

king thank
sing send