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Jordan Kelly
First Grade

Daily Folder and Homework


Every day students will bring home a  folder.  It may contain completed work, notes from the office, a classroom newsletter, or  a homework assignment . The daily memos will keep you up to date on what's happening at school for that week. This also gives you an opportunity to see how your child is progressing and what we are studying. Please take the time to review the contents with your child. Please initial the folder each night and return it to school the next day.


Homework will be related to the literature we’ve read at school or Math practice. These are not lengthy assignments, but give parents an opportunity to work with their child on concepts we are learning.  This also helps students practice being responsible. Enjoy this special time with your child! :)

     Every Monday (beginning in October), students will bring home a new spelling list in the daily folder.   Please help your child study the spelling words throughout the week.  There will be a test on the list each Friday or the last day of the school week.


Each week a student will be assigned our "Student of the Week". Please help your child fill out the Student of the Week fact sheet. Your child may bring in pictures of his or her family, special activities he or she participates in, as well as the family pets, etc. The Student of the Week will have use of a small bulletin board just inside our classroom. The Student of the Week will help our class in special ways, such as taking messages to the office, being the line leader, and other special jobs.


Birthday Treats and Snacks


Birthday treats are always welcomed!  Please let me know in advance if you are interested in celebrating your child’s birthday with a snack. Snacks can be dropped off at the office at your convenience that day, or sent in with your child.


   We have a late lunch and our mornings are long. Your child may bring in an individual, healthy snack to enjoy each day. A snack such as fruit, crackers, or veggies will help tied them over to lunch.  We will be learning about good nutrition as it is part of the Michigan Model for Health. 


 Lunch Money


When sending in lunch money, please be sure that it is placed in a sealed envelope.  Be sure that the envelope is clearly marked with your child’s first and last name and his/her teacher’s name.


Transportation Changes


Please write me a note in your child's daily folder if there will be a change in his or her transportation even if it is just for a day.


I am looking forward to a great year!