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Jodie Paster

Spelling Lesson 18   nd, ng, nk endings

king thank
sing send
thing hand
bring bang
end and
long think

Challenge:  grand, young

Will you thank her today?

Hold my hand.

I like to hear you sing.

We will send a note.

Did you bring the ball?

Spelling lesson 19   oa, ow, old words

boat cold
road blow
gold old
load snow
hold most
toe do

Challenge words:  goal, rainbow

I want to sail the boat.

She has a big load of books.

I wear boots in the snow.

Can you hold this for me?

Wind can blow down a tree.

Spelling lesson 20  Review Words

cold party
think boat
thank smart
road sing
hand load
farm thing
blow most
send park
bring snow
hold yard

Spelling lesson 21   wrods ending in er

flower water
under over
better sister
brother mother
father after

Challenge words:  other, center

Can I smell the flower?

The plants need water.

Is that your brother?

My father is at home.

I can swim better than you.

Spelling lesson 22  Writer's Workshop

who a lot
were many
our friend
cannot here
first today
would could

How many kinds of fish were there?

It is our turn to make dinner.

I was the first one in the water.

You could swim too.

We can do a lot to help out.

Lesson 23    contractions

I'll we've
I'm you're
isn't didn't
you'll I've
it's we'll

Challenge words:  they're, wouldn't

I said that I'll be there.

I know we've had fun!

Now I'm going to rest.

I think I've lost my pen.

Dad says it's time to go.

Spelling lesson 24  ending with long e sound words

puppy baby
lucky happy
very lady
funny silly
many only

Challenge words:  furry, angry

My puppy has big feet.

I have a lucky penny.

That nest is very big.

He has many games.

I have only one dress.

Spelling lesson 25    ing and ed endings

batted running
clapped stopped
getting shopping
stepped hugging
pinned sitting

Challenge words:  jogging, flipped

He is hugging my cat.

Will you go shopping?

He is running a race.

Mom pinned my dress.

I am sitting next to you.

Spelling lesson 26  Review

isn't hugging
silly getting
sister it's
clapped mother
I'm happy
lady better
I've puppy
sitting brother
I'll baby
you're stopped

Spelling lesson 27   vowel sounds in moon and book

zoo took
tooth good
hook moon
foot soon