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Poppin’ News in 2nd Grade

Mrs. Sabbadini Room 119

IB Trait: We are working on being communicators at school.  This trait allows us to focus on communicating positively through our words and actions. We are always finding ways to be communicators at school. We are also working on ways to be caring. There are many ways students can do this so please encourage this trait at school.

Daily 5: During Daily 5, students have continued to work independently to build stamina. Each day we work in reading groups and focus on reading skills that will help build fluency and accuracy. In addition, students are taught strategies that will help them when they read. These strategies are carried over into the Daily 5 time and students are encouraged to use them. Likewise, students use read and response journals when they work to exhibit ways they are using the strategies. 2nd grade classes will be presenting at the Board Meeting on Monday, October 26th at 6:00 PM. This is a great opportunity to show our district how Daily 5 is impacting the lives of our students.  Please make sure to read with your child each night for 20 minutes.

Math: We finished our unit on measurement and began a new unit on place value. This unit helps students learn the place value units such as hundreds, tens and ones. Students are learning how to put numbers together and count up to 1,000 using unit blocks, We will continue our work through this unit for the next few weeks. Please make sure your child is working on the homework when it is sent home. This will help him or her when it comes time for the end of the unit assessment.  

Science: We are continuing to talk about Earth’s Land and Water. Students are learning how the major bodies of water empty into the ocean. We are learning how raindrops fall and where they go. Next week, we are going to focus on pumpkins and experiment with pumpkin activities. Students will learn the life cycle of a pumpkin.

Writing: I am a firm believer in writing and believe all children are writers. Depending on the level of writing, children write in a variety of ways. We have used the mentor text Owl Moon to see how writers and illustrators use pictures and words to create a masterpiece of writing. We discussed how writers learn from mentor authors in various ways and how we can revise a piece of writing based on their writing strategies. We began revising our stories to prepare for publishing. We’ve also discussed ways writers add detail to stories.  We will continue to use this text to help us become better and set goals to enhance our stories. 

Spelling: Please use the spelling list as a study guide for the spelling test on Friday. I will return the test the following Monday. I have provided some spelling homework as suggestions to help your child with the spelling words.

Kagan: We continue to use Kagan structures in the classroom for teambuilding and class building. While these structures increase student achievement and engagement, they also provide a brain break for students throughout the day.

SNACK: We have a daily snack time so please send in a healthy snack with your child. I will also accept donations of snacks if you choose to do so. Students without a snack are able to have something to enjoy so donations are greatly appreciated!

Reading Log and Freezer Bags: Reading helps a child develop good vocabulary, comprehension, and oral language skills. Your child will be required to read for 20 minutes and complete a reading log. This is a very important task for your child as it will increase your child’s vocabulary and help your child with writing. Please make sure to spend this amount of time reading with your child. The freezer bags have required reading along with other reading homework that will help your child. Please make sure your child is completing this.

Reminder App 101: I have added you to this wonderful app for your phone so you can receive any reminders I send out. If you have not received an invite from me then please let me know by supplying me with your cell number or email and I will add you. This is a wonderful way to stay in touch with what is happening in the classroom. Thank you to those who are consistently using the app. I appreciate the communication!

Classroom Website: If you go to the district website you can find our class website. Simply go to www.theadrianmaples.com and click on schools and find Alexander. There you will find my name. Please take time to visit and see what’s happening! I will update as much as I can so you can keep in touch with our class.  You can also find our blog there!

Classroom Blog: We now have a class blog! If you go to poppin119.edublogs.org you will find all the fun and exciting things happening at school and in our classroom. I will continue to post things that happen throughout the day. This has been a fun tool for us as students like to see if they made the blog for the day! I LOVE feedback so please visit and tell me what you think! I try to update each day or every other day so you can keep up to date on what is happening at school!

Student Data Binder: Each morning students come in and take care of their binders. These binders help to hold them accountable for their learning. The binders include a Daily 5 log along with their weekly progress report and other data recording sheets like reading goals, writing goals and word work goals. At the end of each week, we visit the goal sheets to make goals for the following week and then work to meet those goals.

Halloween: On Friday, October 30th we will have a Harvest Party in the afternoon from 2:45-3:45. We will need parents to volunteer and help with food and stations. If you would like to donate anything please let me know. Please try to keep snacks healthy. Some suggestions are: crackers and cheese, snack mix. Veggie and fruit trays, cheese sticks, rice krispie treats, jello jigglers, etc. We will have a parade at 9:00 AM so your child may come to school in his or her costume. Please refrain from scary masks or anything that will scare other students.


October 22: PTO Meeting

October 26: 2nd grade presentation at the board meeting

October 30: Harvest Party from 2:45-3:45 (see above note)

November 3: Picture Retakes

November 10: Engineering Night

Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Sabbadini