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General Information

          On “full” school days students enter the building at 8:30 a.m. The tardy bell rings at 8:40 a.m. School dismisses at 3:43 p.m. In the morning second grade classes line up on the side where the buses pick up and drop off. For general security reasons and in an effort to promote student independence, students should always line up outside (weather permitting) and walk in with the group, escorted by a teacher, when the bell rings. Second graders do not need to be walked into the building by a parent and escorted to their classrooms, etc. If your child is driven to school or walks they should not arrive prior to 8:20 a.m. (even if they plan on having breakfast).  There is no supervision outside before 8:20 a.m. If a bus should arrive prior to that time due to various route times, the administration will see that the students are properly supervised.

          If your child is a bus rider we will assist in getting them on the correct bus at the end of the day if needed. If your child walks to school, try to find someone for them to walk with so they are never walking alone. If students are getting picked up after school always make sure that they know (before they come to school) who is picking them up and where they are going to meet them.

Parents are to wait outside the building for their child at the end of the day. Please make an effort to abide by these arrival and departure guidelines to help ensure the safety for the students.


Classroom Management

          Our classroom is set up to allow your child to receive the best education that we have to offer.  In order to do this, we accentuate the positives. Each student is expected to follow the Promises in the classroom: Keep hands and feet to themselves, eyes and ears on the speaker at all times, raise hand to speak, and be respectful and safe. Every student starts the week fresh on our clip chart, ready to learn.  But if they choose to make a poor choice they will clip down. However, students are always able to move up and down the chart depending on the choices made throughout the day.  On Friday their weekly progress report will come home so you can see how your child did during the week. That needs to be signed and returned on Monday. Students who clip to orange (excellent choices) will be able to eat lunch in the classroom on Friday.

          ***Office visits are on an as-need basis for severe behavior problems.


Incomplete Work

          Students are expected to complete in class assignments on time. Naturally I take into consideration that students work at different paces. Throughout each week your child will have many opportunities to complete their work. If they choose not to complete their work, they may be required to stay in at teacher recess to get their work done. Typically, I will not send home incomplete work for your child to finish. I feel that it is important to communicate to students that school work is to be done at school. This enforces the idea of using class time wisely.