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SECTION B:     School Board Governance and Operations

Section B of the EPS/NSBA policy classification system is a repository for statements about the school board – how it is elected, organized; how it conducts its meetings and operates.  This section includes bylaws and policies establishing the board’s internal operating procedures.

Section B: School Board Governance and Operations Table of Contents

BB School Board Legal Status
BBA Board Member Authority and Responsibilities
BBB Nominations and Elections
BBE Vacancies/Filling Unexpired Terms
BCA Annual Organizational Meeting
BCB Organization of the School Board
BCE Board Committees
BCEA Ad Hoc Board Committees
BCEB Standing Board Committees
BCEB-RA Finance Committee
BCEB-RB Curriculum Committee
BCEB-RC Personnel Committee
BCG Duties of the Counsel
BD Board of Education-Public Meetings-Temporary Officers
BDA Regular Meetings
BDB Special Meetings
BDC Closed Sessions of the Board of Education
BDDA Posting of Board of Education Meeting Notices
BDDAB Notification to Members for Special Meeting
BDDB Order of Business at Regular and Special Business Meetings
BDDC Agenda Preparation and Dissemination
BDDD Quorum
BDDE Parliamentary Procedure
BDDG Approval of Closed Session Minutes
BDDH Public Sessions
BDDHA Citizen Participation/Board Meetings
BDE Student Participation – Hearings
BFC Policy Adoption
BFCA Policy Adoption – Bylaws
BFG Head Start/Board of Education Shared Governance Policy and Procedures
BFG-R Administrative Guidelines for Head Start/Board of Education Shared Governance Policy
BFH Head Start/Board of Education Internal Dispute Resolution
BHD Compensation and Expenses
BL Special Elections
BLA Polling Places