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SECTION I:  Instruction

Section I of the ESP/NSBA policy classification system provides a repository for statements on the instructional program:  basic programs, special programs, activities programs, instructional resources, academic achievement.

Section I: Instruction Table of Contents

IA Educational Goals
ICA School Calendar 
IFA Curriculum Development and Evaluation
IFAA    Released Time for Curriculum Development
IFB Pilot Programs
IGA Program of Studies
IGAC Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Religion 
IGAD Career Education Philosophy
IGAH Family Life Education
IGAH-R Family Life Education – Administrative Procedures
IGDB Student Publications
IGDJ Membership Resolution to Michigan High School Athletic Association
IHD Student Schedules and Course Loads
IHG Independent Research Credit – High School
IIA Textbook/Workbook/Student Supplies
IIAA Adoption of Textbooks
IIAC Library Materials Selection
IIBE Video Programming Policy
IIBE-R Video Programming Policy Regulations & Procedures
IICAA Field Trips
IICAA-R Field Trips – Administrative Procedures
IICC School Volunteer Program
IICC-R Administrative Guidelines for School Volunteer Program 
IID Student On-line - Blended Learning Policy
IIJ Testing Out
IIJ-R Testing Out Procedures
IKC Honor Points – Advanced Placement
IKE Student Progress 
IKEA Diploma and Certificate of Completion
IKFA Graduation Requirements Beginning with the Class of 2011
IKFA-R Graduation Requirements Guidelines/Modifications
IKFB Graduation Exercises – Board Participation
IKFC College Credit
IKFD Requirements for Accepting Credit from Home Schools or Non-Accredited Schools
INB Teaching Controversial Issues in the School