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Dear Adrian Public Schools Families,

During a very cold Michigan winter that can bring with it challenges in the way of weather, I wanted to share with you the  school  district’s  protocols for closing  school  in  the  event  of  inclement  weather  conditions particularly in situations where there is a wind chill advisory in effect.

Please note that, most often, the decision to close school is the result of a number of factors, rather than just a single factor. To close school based on the temperature alone, (rather than in conjunction with concerns about road conditions, bus issues or other safety considerations), the actual temperature combined with wind chill would need to be greater (colder) than  ‐20 to  ‐25 degrees below zero. This figure is based on the range of temperature/wind chill that carries a higher risk of frostbite at the thirty minute threshold (for exposed skin.) 

We encourage families to take extra care to ensure that students are dressed appropriately for the cold weather as they travel to and from school. (When the actual temperature and/or wind chill is below ten degrees, our elementary school students will remain indoors for recess.)

What are the factors considered when school is canceled?

First and foremost, the safety and wellbeing of our students, staff and families are paramount in any decision to close schools. When a “snow day” or “inclement weather day” is called, it is done as early as possible (before 5:30 a.m. and often earlier) but only after much deliberation among district officials who  monitor  road  and  building  conditions  throughout  the  night;  consult  with  other  area  school superintendents; and the monitoring of various weather forecasts for our area.

The  weather  conditions  and  issues  taken  into  consideration  when  closing/delaying school  due  to inclement weather include:

The amount of snowfall and its impact on road (including side roads and dirt roads)and parking lot conditions and the ability to  safely transport students to school.

The timing of a storm and the ability of local road crews and district personnel to clear roads and parking lots in time for the safe transport of students to school. 

Ice or freezing rain and its impact on road and parking lot conditions as well as the potential for downed trees and power lines and the ability to safely transport students to school. 

Dangerous temperatures or wind chills that carry a high risk for frostbite in a short period of time (30 minutes or less). To close school based on cold alone (rather than in conjunction with concerns  about  road  conditions,  bus  issues  or  other  safety  considerations),  the  actual temperature combined with wind chill considerations would need to be greater (colder) than ‐20 to  ‐25 degrees below zero.  This figure  is based on the range of temperature/wind  chill that carries a higher risk of frostbite at the thirty minute threshold (for exposed skin.)  

Building problems caused by weather conditions such as loss of heat, power or water service.

The quickest and easiest way to learn about a school closing is via the school district’s website 
(www.theadrianmaples.com) and the following television and radio stations — Channel 13, Channel 24, Channel 11, WLEN, and WABJ/WQTE.  Any delays and cancellations can also be found by calling the district’s main phone line of 517‐263‐2115. 

I hope you will find this information helpful as we traverse the rest of this Michigan winter and all that it may bring. Keep safe, warm, and think spring! 

Bob Behnke